Thursday, January 18, 2018

It's Snowing, It's Snowing DID snow. but it stopped. BOOOO! it snowed here in north little rock on monday night and we had a pretty good covering of it tuesday morning. and my man got the whole day off work. i thought i didn't; until i got all the way up to work on tuesday afternoon and the parking lot was completely empty. i didn't get a "no-work-today" text, so i just assumed. especially with the snow having been all melted by noon. no complaints, though. i got home, and put my pj's back on quicker than you can say treacle tart. barry has been praying for a snow day [an off-work-all-day snow day] for two years, and he finally got it! too bad, it just had to melt all before noon, too. [lame af] but i did get to eat breakfast with him [just mcdonald's] on a tuesday morning; which never happens. we watched the price is right and then snuggled on the couch staring at our phones while listening in to terrible daytime tv. occasionally voicing our opinions to tmz. making fun of the white-trash locos on jerry springer. then watched our nightly round of: the big bang theory. and then ended the night laughing our butts off watching ellen's game of games. also, naturally, i read a whole book and didn't feel the least bit bad about not going outside. we enjoyed the snow by looking at it through our window while snuggled in front of a cozy fire. i don't think i have ever seen barry so lazy. it was awesome! he needed a guilt-free day off. especially one where everyone wasn't calling him asking him for favor after favor. it was an uneventful snow day for us, but rare...AND i loved every minute of our "snowed in" day off together. i'm sure you yankees up there think we're crazy for making a fuss over a "dusting" of snow compared to what you guys get regularly in the winter.

here's some photos of it when it was really coming down. when it was giving us high hopes that we'd actually be snowed in for a couple of days....le sigh.
i'm hoping we'll get another snow before spring. we'll see, right?
one thing i hate about winter, other than the bitter cold and the longing for spring, is that my hair is SO FULL OF STATIC! argh! it's so damn annoying and i'm tempted to just wear my hair in my ponytail beanie for the rest of the winter. you wanna know another annoying thing? my damn windshield cracked. since barry is insisting that i park my jeep outside and the el camino in the garage. [don't even get me started on that argument] my windshield finally succumbed to the cold and cracked all down the middle during our little snow day. frustrating. 
SPRING, HURRY UP, PLEASE! we miss you.
"yeah, i think i've come up with something. come outside and let's talk. i can't stare at that loop of niagara falls, which has nothing to do with the caribbean."
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